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   Low Cost Framing

        How low is my low price? ...  I can beat some retailer's price even if it is 50% off their regular price.

     How good is my quality if my prices are so low?  This good ... If you are not happy with the finished framing --- I will remove your art from the frame ( your art will be removeable without harm) and you will owe me nothing. The biggest reason I can offer low cost picture framing is because my overhead is low. My shop is at my home - I am a sole proprietor - I have no employees. If I had to pay employees and a high lease my prices would start to match other frame shops. M. David Logan, a noted authority on picture framing, writes that the average picture framing job is around $200.00 to $500.00. That seems high to me. I'm going to stick my neck out a little and say my average will probably be around $85.00 to $225.00 which would be a little less than half what most framing shops charge.
 Besides overhead there are other factors that contribute to the cost of framing pictures:
1. The size of the picture. Large pictures take more materials to frame...(moulding, glass, mats)
2. The cost of the custom frame. Bigger mouldings use more wood and cost more than smaller mouldings. Elaborate finishes and designs add costs.
3. The price of the artwork. If you invest in a picture that costs $1000.00 you will most likely (but not always) spend more for this art than a picture you picked up for $10.00. The increase in cost will be the custom made frame, museum quality glass and the acid free materials used to frame this treasure.
4. The design of the matting. For ovals, circles, cut outs, indents, etc ... the extra labor will cost more.
      Come and see me and we will get your picture framed within your budget.

      Some words about "sky high picture framing" ... the very best acid free materials are used with conservation and museum quality framing. If you want a picture framed to last a life time and longer - museum quality framing is the answer. This service will cost more. Ask for it.

Low Cost Framing - second option:  The lowest cost to picture framing is if you learn to do it yourself. To learn how to do it correctly takes time and money.  Here are some links with details on picture framing...
 http://www.framing4yourself.com/pages/tips-and-techniques/ This link will show you how to picture frame if you want to do it yourself.

The best book to learn home picture framing is "Mat Mount and Frame it Yourself" by M. David Logan. I believe this book is now out of print but you might still find a copy at Amazon.

I have not read every book on the subject of picture framing but I have read at least 5 books. There are some things that are not covered in any of the books I've read. So I made up some pages that might be of interest to someone learning to frame pictures. The subjects I cover are modifying Logan Mat Cutters, making a wall mount glass cutter and information on miter saws and cutting moulding. Click on the underlined words to go to that subject. If you have any questions on these subjects don't hesitate to email me with your specific questions.

One of my first moulding suppliers is closing it's doors. Delores Raines of Pacific Framing was one of the first supplier to help me start my home business. She gave me free sample corners and this made my shop look professional. I will forever be grateful to her.